Free GPS Software for Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance GPS Receivers: EasyGPS

How To Download GPS Data into EasyGPS

Add and Configure Your GPS Receiver in EasyGPS. Click Preferences on the Edit menu in EasyGPS, and click on the My GPS Receivers tab. Click Add. Select the manufacturer of your GPS receiver (Garmin, e.g.). Find and click on your exact GPS model in the list to the right. Click OK.

Configure Your GPS Receiver's Settings. If you have a new (2009 or later) Garmin GPS that uses a USB cable, just plug it in and make sure it is in USB Mass Storage Mode. If you have an older GPS with a serial port, find the Interface or COM Port setting on the GPS, and make sure the baud rate matches that in EasyGPS. Garmin GPS receivers always use 9600 baud. Magellan and Lowrance should use 4800 or 9600 baud.

If you have a USB to Serial Adapter cable, read this.

Retrieving Data From Your GPS

Once your GPS is configured in EasyGPS, just click Receive from GPS on the GPS menu or toolbar, and all of your waypoints, routes, and tracks will be copied from your GPS to EasyGPS.

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